Volunteer Opportunities

Meeting Note Taker
We could sure use a note taker at our board and outreach committee meetings. This entails taking notes for about 90 minutes, then typing them up and emailing them. This is a great way to get an inside look at SMGA. Email alliance@smgreenbelt.org if you can help.

Many, many thanks to Kara Sweidel for helping with this task over the past year. Kara will be heading to Seattle soon; San Marcos won’t be the same without her.

Signpost Installation
We are working on sign installation in Purgatory Creek Natural Area. We are ready right now for someone to fill the channels of the routed lettering of the sign posts with paint. We will need folks who are willing to install, which means some hauling and digging after we get a completed set of signposts later this month. While there is a measure of flexibility in scheduling, there are preferred times:
  • For installation the best times are: Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Some late afternoon - early evenings could work if the volunteer is willing to begin early, say 4-5ish with prior arrangement.
  • Sign painting can happen at their leisure, 4 in the morning is fine with us.
Email alliance@smgreenbelt.org or call Todd at 754-9321 if you can help.