Girl Scout Gold Award Project Hike, Saturday, August 16 at 9 am

Trash cans at Blanco Shoals.
Trash can at Purgatory Creek Natural Area
Join Hunter McMain on Saturday, August 16 at 9 AM at the Hunter Road entrance to Purgatory Creek Natural Area for a short hike, light refreshments, and the unveiling of a newly placed trashcan depicting the natural flora and fauna of this natural area. The hike will discuss litter, specifically in San Marcos and its greater effects on the environment.

Message from Hunter: Litter on the ground in the San Marcos greenspaces can have a negative impact on both our local and global environments. San Marcos has numerous dry creeks, especially in the green space areas.  After any rain, the water flows downhill to the numerous natural tributaries that lead into these creeks taking any trash in its path with it. These creeks all flow into the San Marcos River, which eventually flows into the Gulf of Mexico, and then into the ocean. Many San Marcos greenspace areas are also part of the Edwards Aquifer  recharge zone.  Even the trash that may not flow into the river can contaminate the rainwater that is exposed to it before it seeps into the soil and into the aquifer. Please help our environment by disposing of your trash properly.

[The Gold Award represents the highest achievement in Girl Scouting, recognizing girls who demonstrate extraordinary leadership through remarkable Take Action projects that have sustainable impact in their communities-and beyond.]

Birding at Blanco Shoals

Viewing the hawk on the far-side of the river August 2nd.

  An even dozen birders hiked Blanco Shoals natural area Saturday, August 2nd. Sightings were impressive as 29 different species were either seen or heard.
  Jonny Scalise and Stephen Ramirez led the group through the tall grasses that were in the process of being mowed.
  Birding was productive as the riparian area is bordered by the slow-moving, but wide Blanco River and is home to  huge pecan, cypress, sycamore, cottonwood and anacua trees. The city-owned property at the end of River Ridge Parkway is mostly undeveloped with no trails or amenities.
  Birding hikes are sponsored by the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance and led by volunteer, Stephen Ramirez on the first Saturday of each month. Contact to be placed on the mailing list for future bird walks.  --LJ

Blanco Shoals Natural Area August 2, 2014

1    Great Blue Heron
2    Green Heron
3    Black Vulture
1    Mississippi Kite
1    Red-shouldered Hawk 
1    Rock Pigeon (feral pigeon)
53  White-winged Dove
2    Mourning Dove
2    Common Nighthawk
1    Hummingbird sp.
1    Golden-fronted Woodpecker
2    Red-bellied Woodpecker
1    Eastern Phoebe
1    White-eyed Vireo (heard only)
2    Blue Jay
10  Barn Swallow
8    Cave Swallow
3    Carolina Chickadee
1    Black-crested Titmouse
4    Carolina Wren
3    Northern Mockingbird
1    European Starling
2    Northern Cardinal
1    Indigo Bunting
73 Common Grackle (flew overhead in groups)
4    Great-tailed Grackle
8    House Finch
20 House Sparrow

Thanks to Colton Robbins