Californians in The Loop: Great Geocaching Resource

We think you'll enjoy reading this email from a teacher in Chula Vista, California. Thanks to her student, Andrea, for sharing the helpful link below with SMGA geocachers.
I'm a teacher in Chula Vista, California. I've started a geocaching club with the older students here at school, and it's really taking off! Right now, I have my students looking for resources and information as well as cool caches we can go check out, when we get to that point!

One of my students, Andrea, brought your page ( to my attention. It was really helpful and I'm using it with the group. Andrea wanted me to share another page she found with you, since we used your stuff!

It has a bunch of great geocaching tips and resources and we thought it'd make a nice addition to your page! Plus, it'd be great to show Andrea she was able to help you too! Please, let me know what you think!

Thanks again, and Happy Monday! (If there is such a thing! lol) :-D