There's a new bench in town ...

... and it is located in the Schulle Canyon natural area.  Margaret's Bench, located on Itsy Bitsy Trail  was destroyed by vandals.  The memorial bench was established in memory of Barbara Jordan, who was a long-time active member of the San Marcos community who loved the outdoors. The original bench was built with funds donated by Margaret's friends.

Kenneth Dees and Charles O'Nei  did the lion's share of the repair work that is hoped to withstand future attempts at destruction. The bench is located in a shady area near a large bois d'arc and several chinaberry trees. Schulle Canyon is a quiet, small preserve that is listed on the Heart of Texas -East bird watching trail.

Paul Murray, Kenneth Dees, Charles O'Neil and Todd Derkacz.

 If you witness vandals call 9-1-1 and tell them it is in progress.

Take photos with your smartphone camera if possible.

Report vandalism to City of San Marcos Parks at (512) 393-8400


Stay off the trails! Go to the Green Living Expo instead

Bill Adams at Earth Day 2013 at Aquarena
Itching to get out on the trails?  Might be better to wait a day or two and let the trails dry out a bit.  Especially if you're planning on mountain biking.  Getting out now tears up the trail and furthers erosion.  Another option would be to visit the Green Living Expo at the San Marcos Convention Center (McCarty & I-35N). 
San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance, the River Foundation and the Hays County Master Naturalists will all have outdoor displays.  Only the Greenbelt will have ball caps and bandanas for sale.  Inside vendors will explain how to live better green.  And the whole event is free.  Saturday, May 11, 10 am to 4 pm.

May Birding Hike Along the San Marcos River

  Stephen Ramirez led five of us on an interesting and prolific birding walk May 4th.  We saw a number of migrants as the chilly air kept them flying and moving about the many diverse trees and shrubs that line the San Marcos River.  We met at the Recreation Center in City Park a little after seven a.m. when the temperature was still in the 40's.  Immediately we spotted a Great Blue Heron, a Pied-billed Grebe and most handsome, a wood duck.
  Walking along the river we were able to see first-hand the restoration work that is being done.  Invasives are being removed and the erosion controls are in place.  It is a multi-year project that will have a very positive impact on the health of the river -- and future bird watching.
  When we returned to the Recreation Center half a hundred boy scouts were preparing to paddle down river in some very colorful canoes.  Fortunately for them the temperature was rising and the chill was out of the air.
  To see the list of the birds we viewed with Stephen's help: