Now Open: Upper Purgatory Trail Re-route

A new section of trail between the view of the dam and the bluff over Purgatory Creek is open to offer hikers a way off the straight, open meadow trail and into a shaded world of cool comfort. The 1/3 mile re-route was completed February 24th from the efforts of the Thursday morning crew. The change from open meadow grassland to live oak, ashe juniper and persimmon woodlands will make all the difference during the hot summer months.

Pictured are Todd Derkacz, Mark Taylor, Lance Jones, Marilyn Brister, John Payne, Charlie O'Neil and Kay Banning.  Not pictured is Sheila Torres-Blank, Dick McBride (photographer), Mike Baugh, Susan McGhee, and Charlie O'Neil's daughter Johanna and grandson Jacob.