Mountain Biking - Where Do I Go?

I have never been mountain biking. I have ridden one down the street, sympathized with my friends' mountain biking bumps and bruises, and picked up the bike reflectors left on the trail. But it is a new year and time for a new activity and a new perspective on the trails in San Marcos. It's time for me to try mountain biking. I've borrowed my sister's hand-me-down bike, cleaned it up, and now it's time to hit the trail (hopefully not literally with any of my body parts). Oh wait, where should I go?

What's the best trail in the San Marcos natural areas for a first time mountain biker? If you have any ideas, email me, Maggie, at And if you see me bouncing around the trail (or leaning against a tree), try not to laugh too hard.

-Maggie Hutchins-Wagner, SMGA President