Plenty of bugs at the Discovery Center in June

  Bugs don't just walk.  They fly. They crawl. They bite. They do all kinds of interesting things like spin webs. And they morph. Humans don't morph. Bugs morph. Butterflies didn't start out as butterflies. We learn so much from observation and someone willing to share their knowledge.
Gabby identifies a captive before release
   The San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance is honored to share the knowledge of individuals who have attended, or are attending, Texas State University in pursuit of higher learning. Leading our monthly bug walks is Gabby Cole, a master's program candidate in Biology.
  We should probably call it an arthopod walk as there is much more than insects. For the second time, an even dozen joined our expert for an exploration walk.  We found so many different creatures under leaves, on cactus pads and, of course, in the nectar of numerous flowering plants.
Visit San Marcos Bug Walk on Facebook for the location of the next hike, generally two days before the event. -- LJ

(all photos courtesy Stephen Ramirez)