iNaturalist Hike April 15 at The Meadows Center

We are teaming up with Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas Master Naturalists and the Audubon Society in a fun challenge to see which city can document the most species using the iNaturalist app. Not only is this a competition between Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, San Marcos and Houston, cities across the nation are participating, let’s show them what we got!

With the iNaturalist app, you just take a picture of a plant or animal, and the community will help identify which species it is. If you’re new to iNaturalist, learn some more on the iNaturalist Getting Started page.

Join SMGA for an iNaturalist hike to explore nature at Spring Lake and grounds of the Meadow Center led by Dr. Ben Schwartz. The hike will be held from 8am - 10am. Meet at the Meadows Center parking lot (no parking fee on the weekends - click here for directions).

Find out more information about the City Nature Challenge at: