Writing Class Gets Inspiration

  Texas State University's English/Honors class second field trip of the semester went to Prospect Park, the place where the San Marcos Greenbelt began. Once again, my friend Todd Derkacz gave the class an inspiring talk on not only the background of the Greenbelt, but also the importance such natural spaces have in our lives.
Todd Derkacz views signage for founding member, Inge van Nynatten
   Since the founding of the San Marcos Greenbelt Alliance in 1998, Todd has served the organization in several capacities--as a board member, as president, and, always, as a volunteer. He's one of a dozen or so members who meet every Thursday morning to work on trails or other projects in one of the system's five major natural areas: Purgatory Creek Natural Area (Upper Purgatory, Lower Purgatory, and Prospect Park), Blanco Shoals, Ringtail Ridge Natural Area, Schulle Canyon Natural Area, and Spring Lake Natural Area.
   In early April, members of my class will be back in Prospect Park to work as part of Bobcat Build. My hope is that they'll return even before that to get to know the place a little better.Having a space like this in the middle of a growing city is priceless. 

** Note: Among the things Todd talked about, was the work of Inga Van Nynatten, in whose memory this trail is dedicated. Inga's mother wrote this after her daughter's death at the age of 30. I never knew Inga, but after reading this, I certainly wish I had: https://books.google.com/books…  
-- Susan C. Hansen, Professor, English Honors