New Metz's bench in Prospect Park

Mission accomplished [Richard Shaver photo]
   Damaged by vandals months ago, the right replacement bench was no easy task. The Thursday morning trail crew moved a 200-pound slab of concrete over rocky terrain known as Limbo Loop in Prospect Park. The distance was only a couple hundred yards but it would take all ten of us to coax, prod, pull and lift the slab into place. 
   We used the ancient methods of pulling the slab over logs that were moved to the front of the line. At times, boards were substituted for tracks over the uneven surface. Later wheels and a cart were employed when the path presented minor obstacles. Trail crew even removed a few rocks and branches that would have hindered. but not stopped forward progress.
   Participating on a very cold morning were (seated, l. to r.) Joel, Katie, Charlie and (standing) Lance, Kenneth, Al, Mark, Ben, Todd and Richard.
   In the end, the new slab was cemented into place and a foot rest was also added to the amenity that gives a great field of view over the nine acre natural area.