Photo Hike at Ringtail Ridge

Under cloudy, muggy skies that acted like a light tent, a handful of adventurous phototgraphers gathered at the Ringtail Ridge trail Saturday, June 5th.  The National Trails Day hike was led by Clint King seen here showing Todd Derkacz and Dianne Wassenich his latest digital capture.

Tips on good macro photography and just observing and recording what was going on around the hikers made for an entertaining morning.

Numerous wildflowers were still in bloom while many others including a bountiful bluebonnet bloom having gone to seed were in evidence.

Ringtail Ridge trail located off Ranch Road 12 was particularly blessed with abundant rainfall this year and the amount of Texas thistle, bluebonnets, Johnson grass and numerous other flora showed the trail in many colors.  An overabundance of prickly pear cactus stands, chinaberry and mesquite are  projects for future efforts.  The two bur oak and Montezuma cypress planted earlier this year are growing strong with the rains.  -- Lance Jones