Trail Closures 3/1-5/31: Golden Cheek Warbler Nesting Season

The City of San Marcos released new maps that clearly show the trails and areas that are closed from March 1 to May 31, 2013 to protect the nesting golden-cheeked warbler. From the City of San Marcos web site:
The golden-cheeked warbler is an endangered species of bird that breeds only in central Texas and nests in the Ashe-juniper and oak found in some of our natural areas. In an effort to protect these rare birds certain trails in Purgatory Creek Natural Area and Spring Lake Natural Area will be closed from March 1-May 31 annually.
Click here for maps of the closed areas.

March 20 San Marcos public meeting for the HCP

Review the San Marcos HCP projects and get answers to any and all questions.

From 5:30p – 7:30p on March 20 at the Dunbar Center, the City of San Marcos will hold a public meeting for the purpose of viewing upcoming changes along the San Marcos River. The City is involved in several projects, such as stabilizing banks, constructing river access areas, and planting native trees and shrubs along the river. A few of these projects have already begun, such as removal of invasive species - elephant ears, catfish and tiliapia. All the projects integrate to improve riverine habitat and make the river a more attractive resource.

Bug Discovery Hike, Sunday the 17th at 9 am

3/17 Bug Discovery at Prospect Park 9 a.m. -- Val Bugh can find and
explain the many different insects found on wildflowers, trees and
traversing the ground in one of the original natural areas.
Approximately 2 hours -- this is a favorite for kids of all ages.