Let's Plan for Greenways! Sept 10-14, 2012

Check out the SMGA flyer and map in preparation for the upcoming Master Plan Design Rodeo, September 10-14!
Greenways do not need to be created all at once. The first job for our generation is to save the places by including the creekways in our plan and using policies that facilitate the conservation of floodplain and recharge areas. The expense can often be borne by utilities, developers, state or federal levels of government, or private foundations. As demand for bike and pedestrian facilities grow the trails can grow to match. If you ask the transportation, recreation and natural lands managers from other cities they will all tell you that the big mistake their cities made was not planning for greenways when their communities were smaller. We are still small enough that we can weave Nature in and around the places we build, creating a network that will improve everyone's health, our local economy, and ecology.  Let's put greenways in the plan. 
SMGA will be represented during the natural resource scenario design process on Monday between 3-5 PM. The public is welcome to listen in on the conversation and view design materials as the design grows. Attend between 5:30-8:30 that evening to see the results for that part of the process and add your comments. Attend each evening to participate in the design process.