First Birding Walk a Success!

Stephen Ramirez IDs birds. Photo by Lance Jones.
Stephen Ramirez’ September tour of Spring Lake was a great opportunity to see both birds and the area around Spring Lake. Twenty-two birders turned out, with all ages and levels of birding experience represented!

Be sure to visit Stephen’s blog, where you'll find links to information about the many birds spotted on the hike: over 30 species in all!

Also check here for future hike dates (10/1 and 11/5) and locations:

Needed: GPS

Did you just upgrade your GPS and have an older, still functional one laying around? If so, SMGA would love to take it off your hands. We are looking for fully functional GPS units (i.e., with all the cords) to use to accurately determine the locations of sign posts and sites of interest. Email for more information.

Did You Know? - Schulle Canyon

Did you know that in 1998, a subdivision was planned at what is now Schulle Canyon Natural Area? The city was able to trade land along IH35 in exchange for Schulle Canyon. At the time, the 21-acre greenspace was the largest natural area in San Marcos. We sure have come a far way in just 13 years!

Source: San Marcos Daily Record, 12/19/99, Greenspace: 1999 was busy year for city acquisition of sensitive sites.

Signposts at Purgatory

SMGA volunteer Isaac Spoon makes sign posts
You will soon see sign posts installed at Purgatory Creek Natural Area, thanks in part to funding from the Bluebonnet Lion's Club and to dedicated SMGA volunteers. The signs will be 4x4 posts with location information engraved into the posts and anchored into the ground. We could use more help with this project! Email for more information.