Foodstock success

  Only two of us manned the booth at the 2013 Foodstock event held on the courthouse lawn Saturday, July 27th.  Early morning rains and a cloudy sky kept temperatures bearable and who could resist visiting the booths arranged under the large pecan trees?  In addition to the bands there were food samples, sno cones for sale and many organizations set up to support the Hays County Food Bank.
Leah Laszewski talks to a visitor while others gather around.
  SMGA shared their table with the Master Naturalists who comprise a percentage of our membership.  The two organizations are a good fit as stewards of the five natural areas that circle the city of San Marcos, TX.  We had many visitors and even a couple of trail crew volunteers sign-up to begin work on Thursdays.  The big draw for the display was the new Loop & Check map which shows a future connection to the Violet Crown trail and the recent acquisition of additional acreage to the Purgatory Creek Natural Area thanks to the Trust of Public Lands and other generous organizations.
  Visitors retold their favorite trails and adventure stories.  Questions about signage and trail markers were at the top of the list of concerns but everyone agreed that the city is fortunate to have these properties available for both residents and visitors to the Hill Country.

Help Wanted -- SMGA booth at Foodstock


  We're looking for four members to help man the information booth for SMGA at the Foodstock event to benefit the Hays County Food Bank.  The event is Saturday, July 27th on the courthouse lawn and two shifts are available; 2-4 pm and 4-6 pm.  The materials, handouts and displays will already be set up.
  Your job is to introduce residents to the many available trails around the city.  Encourage them to contribute through volunteering, buying a hat or just getting out and enjoying themselves. Believe it or not, many folks are not familiar with this great benefit to living in SMTX !
  If you plan on attending this benefit but can't complete a shift, stop by and say hello and maybe next time you'll want to be part of the action. If you can do a two-hour shift contact me at
Thanks !


Invitation to the Park Prescriptions Committee of Healthy City Task Force

The San Marcos Healthy City Task Force (HCTF) is forming a committee to develop an implementation plan for a "Park Prescriptions" program in San Marcos. SMGA intern Michael Gonzalez developed the idea for local implementation last fall, and members of SMGA presented the idea to the HCTF last month. The first committee meeting will be held Wednesday July 10th at 11:00am in room one of the San Marcos Activity Center, 501 E. Hopkins.

This project will require the involvement of the community, so please forward this meeting notice to others such as: medical/therapy, fitness, families/schools, businesses, and anyone that shares in the HCTF mission of promoting fitness and nutrition for a healthy San Marcos.

For more information on the HCTF, contact DerryAnn, Asst Director of Community Services, at 512-393-8043 or

Learn more about park prescriptions

July Birding Hike

  Ten of us were led by Stephen Ramirez who has been leading these hikes for close to two years.
The Hunter Road trail head was a busy place early on Saturday morning as dog walkers and jogging couples were already gathering for their own foray into the Purgatory Creek Natural Area. The 7 a.m. start meant cooler temperatures rather than later in the day which nudged the century mark.
   The list of interesting bird sightings included: 
White-eyed vireo
Crested Caracara
Most sightings happened at this point on the trail 

Chimney Swift
Summer Tanager
Western Kingbird
Canyon Wren 
Black-chinned Hummingbird
Inca Dove
Couches Kingbird
Brown-headed Cowbird
Golden-fronted Woodpecker
Northern Mockingbird
White-winged dove
Northern Cardinal
Painted Bunting 
More photos at
 (Thanks to Mary S. for the birding list)